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To ensure that schools and divisions have access to the necessary funds to provide quality professional development, we are providing links to the following websites.

The School Funding Center

At this site you can subscribe to a grant newsletter. In this newsletter, grant expert Don Peek provides a brief article of interest to grant seekers, grant writer tools, and at least five current grants of interest to educators. This subscription is a free service, but you receive limited information.

Education World

Don Peek also hosts his own web site. You will have limited access to grant sources and grant writing information. For a cost you can subscribe and get full access to grants worth over 6.5 billion dollars.


At this site you can sign-up and receive government grant alerts. This is a free service. Click on find a grant and select subscribe. It will not take long before you start to receive grant notices.

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Workshop Details
Magic Magic with the New Math Standards

Transform your classroom into an environment where students will learn how to examine, interpret, and think critically about math concepts. Participants will— increase their knowledge of mathematics content and learning progressions inherent in a high-quality mathematics instruction; explore tasks that model ways to plan and implement effective instruction as described in the Virginia Mathematics Standards; consider the importance of access and equity in implementing high-quality standards in the classroom, school, and district; gain classroom-ready strategies with the potential to transform teaching practices to meet rigorous standards. In addition, School Leaders will— recognize the essential role of collaborative teams and identify key collaborative team activities for implementing of standards.

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Teaching the Virginia English Standards of Learning

The new Virginia English Standards of Learning provide a rigorous progression of expectations for student learning in English. Schedule this workshop and spend an engaging day understanding the big picture of the Virginia English Standards and the implications for assessment and instruction. Learn how to meet the needs of all learners with practical classroom strategies.

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Turning Best Practices into Daily Practice

Wouldn't it be great if someone would take current research, distill it into manageable bites, and figure out exactly how you could use it in the classroom? Lisa does just that, suggesting enticing research-supported strategies from everything from increasing participation to focusing attention to stengthening memory. Schedule this action packed workshop today!

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Writing to Learn

Increased nonfiction writing has consistently been shown to have a positive effect on student learning in all content areas and is correlated with higher standardized test scores. Additionally, writing is one of the most powerful critical thinking activities that educators can use with their students. Attend this engaging seminar and learn a variety of highly effective writing strategies that will energize students and motivate teachers. After this session you will weave writing naturally into daily instruction with ease.

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Experience Uncommon Success with the Common Core Standards

As the Common Core State Standards gain momentum, Simply Achieve is at the forefront of providing solutions that will not only help you learn, but will also help you apply and implement the standards in your district or school. During this session participants will delve deeper into the Common Core State Standards to discover the unique components of this integrated system. Participants will discover how the grade-specific English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards are designed to “spiral” up to the College and Career Readiness Standards. As a result of this session, practitioners will be clear about what students should know and be able to do at every level of learning. Practical classroom strategies will be shared.

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Math Stations to Meet Standards

This workshop looks at the ways that rigorous, student-centered, standards based math stations can help scaffold access to the new math standards. Participants in this session will specifically look at the how to create, align and implement math stations to the standards so that students can build conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and problem solving skills. Flexible grouping that allows students to work independently, with partners and in groups at different centers will be examined. This engaging workshop shares a variety of classroom tested, research and standards based, engaging math stations that are sure to provide purposeful practice for elementary school students.

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Making Magic in the Inclusive Classroom

Facing the daily challenges of today's diverse classrooms can seem daunting. This interactive workshop will provide teachers with strategies essential for meeting the learning needs of all students while creating positive, inclusive environments that are nurturing and success-oriented for students. Learn how to create classrooms that are sensitive to diverse colors, cultures, languages, learning styles and ability levels. Discover dozens of successful strategies that work with academically diverse students. Learn how to improve cooperative learning groups, encourage motivation and set high standards for achievement.

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Designing Common Formative Assessments

Common Formative Assessments are periodic or interim assessments, collaboratively designed by grade-level or course teams of teachers, and administered to all students in a grade level or course several times during the quarter, semester, trimester, or entire school year. Designed as matching pre- and post-assessments to ensure same-assessment to same-assessment comparisons, they are similar in design and format to district and state assessments. Common formative assessment items are intentionally aligned to essential standards only and reflect a blend of item types, including selected-response (multiple choice, true/false, matching) and constructed-response (short- or extended). Participating teachers analyze student assessment results in Data Teams to plan and differentiate instruction.

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Is RTI Just One More Acronym?

Learn how to incorporate practical strategies into your RtI Action Plan. Find ways to accommodate different learning styles and modalities. Understand how to use pre-assessments to determine individual student strengths and weaknesses. Discover the benefits of formative assessments to assess and monitor the effect of each strategy on individual achievement. Educators leave armed with strategies, interventions and easy-to-use Progress Monitoring Forms they can use immediately.

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Literacy is NOT a Spectator Sport!

Many students enter the Language Arts block as passive learners waiting for the teacher to do all of the work. This interactive session provides instructional strategies and tools to wake up those reluctant learners! Experience practical strategies to make informational and fictional text come alive for students. Learn effective comprehension strategies that empower and excite readers. Ways to motivate struggling readers will be shared. Don't miss out!

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The New Three R’s

The growing enthusiasm for the new three R’s is a result of wide recognition that a commitment to rigor, relevance, and relationships, is an effective approach to school improvement that fosters student engagement, and challenges students to stretch their learning and develop lifelong skills. Our custom designed workshops will describe the leadership skills and approaches necessary to develop a school culture that embraces rigor and relevance, as well as strong relationships between students and adults and among students.

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Building Student Academic Knowledge

Everyone knows that students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are not well prepared for school, have the toughest time making the grade. But what hasn’t been so clear is what schools can do about it … until now. This workshop spells out how to overcome the deficiencies that hamper the achievement of so many students. Learn why insufficient background knowledge is a chronic cause of low achievement, and discover how a carefully structured combination of two approaches – sustained silent reading and instruction in subject-specific vocabulary – can help rescue low achievers and boost the academic performance of all students.

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Designing Assessments that Energize & Inspire Students and Teachers

Assessments are often the last part of the teaching cycle. This informative workshop will prove the value of “beginning with the end in mind.” Teachers will focus on state standards and design assessment items aligned to the essential skills, knowledge and processes outlined in the Virginia Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework.

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Differentiating Instruction

This highly interactive session will provide educators with tools to improve the achievement of ALL learners. Research-based strategies will be shared and modeled.

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Mining for Diamonds in the Rough

This high energy workshop will provide participants with research-based instructional strategies that will reach and teach the most challenging students. This is a must see!

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What’s Data Have to Do With It?

This interactive session will demonstrate the power of using data to inform instruction. Participants will receive practical information and knowledge in helping them move from “teach, test, and hope for the best” to using data to inform instruction.

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